14 Mar 2024

Photo © Ismene Brown.Photo © Ismene Brown.

Ismene Brown’s marvellous repository of her dance writing - An archive of 25 years of British dance” is the subhead. More substantively: This site holds a selection of my published observations of the British and visiting international dance and ballet scene during my 30+ years as the dance critic of the Daily & Sunday Telegraph, The Arts Desk and The Spectator, and as the Telegraph’s dance obituarist.”

A terrific website to just dip into and be astounded at the sheer depth of coverage Ismene achieved in writing at the highest level. The only caveat is that many of the links go to The Telegraph site that normally looks for a subscription to view, but sometimes just knowing of an article means you can find ways to read it for free.

But here is something you can read immediately - her wonderful interview with critic Clement Crisp as a Word document  (and you can see the page as it appeared on Balletco here.)

For the long term, here is a link to the ismeneb.com site as indexed by the Internet Archive WayBack Machine

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