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LiftedLeg is the online dance home of Bruce Marriott.

If you want to know why it’s called LiftedLeg, then look here

This site is a place to capture and share thoughts about the dance I see in the UK and beyond - not just in London. For the record, I’m a member of The Critics’ Circle and on the (UK) National Dance Awards committee.

I’ve been doing things on the dance web since 1996, but generally at a bigger and more sweeping scale, involving many writers and photographers, but this is about keeping things very simple and speedy.

Dance criticism is becoming an ever rarer commodity in the world, and I want to do my bit to fly the flag for it. As part of that, this is a space for me to think out loud and understand and relay reflections on the wider ecology of how dance is made, how it gets on stage and how it is talked about.

But LiftedLeg is more than one commentator’s vehicle to talk about dance - it’s also here to point to great coverage of dance elsewhere on the web - in the GreatLinks section.

That’s great pieces about the dance that’s happening today and also in the past - so not so much the sites that you might easily find in casual dance searches, but lesser known sites that should not be lost.

I’m thinking particularly of sites that have stopped being developed and yet are repositories of terrific/interesting coverage of the past and the way the net has responded to dance and the ever-changing scene around it.

For myself, I have two sites that need to be highlighted and sorted out for the longer term - ballet.co.uk and dancetabs.com - and I will talk about them on separate pages. But I’d emphasise the wider intention to highlight interesting sites and coverage more generally.

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Colophon - the tech behind this site

This site is built using Blot and a stack of plain text files. It’s a static site (unlike WordPress, say) so it will easily endure into archive. All posts are written in Markdown (very portable, if change is needed) and made available to Blot via Dropbox.

Blot/LiftedLeg does not set any cookies in delivering this site. Your data isn’t collected when using this site.

We use Tinylytics for very simple webstats - they are privacy-first and GDPR-compliant, don’t set cookies, or store user identifiable information and hosted in Europe. In short they are not like Google with all its tracking of you here, there and everywhere.

LiftedLeg uses a custom template based on a minimalistic original by Nicolas Magand - a terrific and thoughtful blogger on technology (at The Jolly Teapot), who you should follow.

For speed of rendering/delivery, this site is mainly about words and links, rather than pictures. But I’m not a complete Luddite(!) and pictures are included, if not in the abundance of previous endeavours.

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